Via Vascular Reviews

Via Vascular Reviews

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Via Vascular

11011 Meridian Ave N Suite 101B
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-525-8346

5 Star Rating
5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 6 user reviews.

Citysearch Via Vascular Reviews

Friendly Staff
The staff were very friendly, accommodating and helpful. The doctors were able to treat my condition with great outcome. My insurance paid most of the bill and I did not even have to pay for parking! What more can I ask!?! 5/5 Stars!
5/5 stars 5 Star Rating
Written by: Captainvideo
Citysearch Via Vascular reviews

Yelp Via Vascular Reviews

Wow These Guys Are Great!
The results were amazing. The front office staff; back office and doctors were very nice and informative. I was so impressed with my results and now love showing off my legs. I referred my sister and my best friend and they were happy too!
5/5 stars 5 Star Rating
Written by: Rebecca S.
Yelp Via Vascular reviews

Google Via Vascular Reviews

Great Results!
I started to have spider veins about six years ago. I’m in my mid forties but was starting to feel like an 80 year old. I’m not ready for that! I went in to Via Vascular and they worked their wonders on me! The majority are either gone or so faint they aren’t noticeable to any one but me…”
5/5 stars 5 Star Rating
Written by: A Google User
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Insider Pages Via Vascular Reviews

Fantastic Healthcare Facility
Fantastic health care facility. I am getting older and I went to Via to get treatment done on some varicose veins that I have. They did an excellent job and were accommodating to with my schedule and were fantastic through and through. 5/5 Stars!
5/5 stars 5 Star Rating
Written by: Robert T
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The Staff is Very Helpful!
The staff is very helpful. The Dr. Is awesome. The are not money hungry like some offices. They really want to do what is right and best for their patients. I had a great visit… Learned about my situation and options were given….
Thumbs Up!
Written by: Anthony B
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Thank You!
Thank you Dr Jackson, Emma, Natasha, Joe, and April…
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